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Off-Grid Dream Property Near Wendover NV ***SOLD***

This unique 30 acre property is in the beautiful mountains south of Montello. It has amazing views into the Montello valley and all the surrounding mountains. This property has what we all want...peace, quiet, and privacy. There is a flat area in the middle that would be great to camp, build a cabin, or set up home base, and then you own the hills and rock formations around you to explore and create memories. There was one gate for livestock that you will need to open and close at the bottom of the hill, but the road would be easily traveled by any vehicle.

Vegetation consists mostly of prairie grass and sagebrush with some beautiful juniper trees. Wildlife includes Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, Rabbits, Coyote, and Ground Squirrel.

Water is the hardest part in the high desert, you can apply for a well permit, it would be a deep well if you decide that. Above ground water storage is really popular in this area (hauling water). Solar power is very popular in this area as well. That being said, this would be an ideal place to have an off-grid getaway. If it is building a place for you and your family, or starting a vacation rental spot, this property will be great for you.

The property is about 15 miles south of Montello. Montello is small but has gas, food, water, and the basics of what you need. Wendover, NV is an easy 45 minute drive and has casinos, golf course, shows, and a lot of recreation.

Owner financing is available for simple owner financing terms of $3,500 down, a one time doc fee of $149, then just $300 a month for 108 months. No credit checks, 0% interest.


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