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10 Acres in Elko, Nevada - Only $200/Mo. – Owner Financing Available

Are you looking for a place to kick back, relax, and escape the stresses of the big cities?

Do you want to own land nestled in an unspoiled surrounding with exciting nearby attractions?

Well, wait no more! This stunning 10-acre land is just what you need to start fresh in an off-grid area. Owning this land means you can lower your cost of living and reduce the mornings you spend in city traffic. This space is a blank canvas, waiting for you to paint your dream destination. This 10-acre vacant land can be yours to build your dream or vacation home, station a mobile home, park your RV, or pitch a tent under the stars with friends and family.

Yes, this land is in a desert area, but that’s no reason to turn up your nose and walk away. The United Arab Emirates was once a pile of sands until a few visionaries turned it into an oasis. If you crave a piece of off-grid paradise, then invest in this 10-acre land and make it what you desire. Owning this spot means you won’t have to worry about rent; you can finally relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

When the need strikes to experience some extra fun times, journey in town to Trail of the 49ers, Interpretive Center to learn about the history of Wells Nevada and how people lived in the past. Trek to the Kingdom of Kushti and feel like an honored guest for a day. Pause for a photography session at Wendover Viewpoint and Balance Rock Park before heading back home to your 10-acre Elko property for a night of relaxation under the stars.

Nearby Towns/Cities:

Montello, NV – 30min

Wells, NV – 1hr 8mins

Elko, NV – 1hr 50min

West Wendover, NV – 1hr 11min

Carlin, NV – 2hr 6min

Closest Highway – US 80 Rt 225

Property Details:

Acres: 10

County: Elko

State: Nevada

Terms: $999 down $200 a month for 60 months

Time is winding down. Message NOW for more details!


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