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2.27 Acres Outdoorsman Heaven Land in Elko, NV

Imagine calling this place your home! 2+ acres of land allows you plenty of room to distance your new home from the family down the road. Wake up and drink your morning coffee. You will have the serene, open, undeveloped land to live the lifestyle you prefer. You get a glimpse of your dream life here.

Elko is a fantastic place to get away from it all and enjoy the life of an outdoorsman. It is slowly creeping up to the top 6 places to live in Nevada. If you want to have an adventure on your time off work, this is the place to do it. This land is close to everything you would need!

This land is the perfect location for you. The opportunities are endless. Enjoy your property or go out and explore the beautiful state of Nevada. Sunny almost 300 days a year. Some of the places to visit are the Northeastern Nevada Museum, Western Folklife Center, Elko Snobowl, and the Cowboy Gear and Arts museum. For recreation, there is the South Fork State recreation area, Wildhorse Reservoir, Franklin Lake, and Ruby Lake. If this sounds great to you, call today at 775-227-5208!

Property Details:

  • Property Address: COTTONWOOD St

  • Parcel ID: 011-205-006

  • Size: 2.27 acre

  • Terrain: Plain, Desert, Rolling Hills

  • Access: Dirt road

  • HOA Fees: None

  • Annual Tax: $32.65

  • GPS Coordinates

    • GPS Center 41°14'51.02"N, 114°14'28.97"W

    • GPS NW 41°14'52.68"N, 114°14'26.87"W

    • GPS NE 41°14'52.65"N, 114°14'31.09"W

    • GPS SE 41°14'49.72"N, 114°14'26.91"W

    • GPS SW 41°14'49.69"N, 114°14'31.11"W

Nearby Amenities:

  • South Fork State recreation area

  • Wildhorse Reservoir

  • Franklin Lake

  • Ruby Lake

  • Cowboy Gear and Arts museum

Financing Information:

  • Financing Details: $249 one-time documentation fee & $10 note fee

  • Cash Discount: $6,499.00

  • Down Payment: $149

  • Monthly Payment: $149 per month for 60 months

Still undecided? We’ll hold the property for you for 72 hours with $25 down. If you buy the property, this will be deducted from the down payment.

No credit check.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee - No Questions Asked


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